Wood Stoves vs Pellet Stoves I

Wood Stoves Vs Pellet Stoves

As the author of this blog, I often get asked my opinion about which kind of stove I prefer: wood stoves, or pellet stoves. When asked, my usual response is that the preferred stove is whichever works for your lifestyle and family – there is no correct answer here. It can be hard to weigh the pros and cons of each type of stove, and each type of stove has its die-hard fans. For example, my inlaws in NH absolutely adore their pellet stoves. I’m not even joking here, they ALL have them.

But I’m something of a black sheep of the family in this. Because you see, I personally prefer wood stoves.

Why I Don’t Love Pellet Stoves

So, pellet stoves may be fuel efficient and can be an economical choice – especially with pellet fuel being tax free. wood stoves - pellet hopperHowever, I’ve seen too much of what I call the “Midwinter Scrabble” to be that excited about pellet fuel. You know what I mean by “Midwinter Scrabble”; it’s that point in the middle of winter when pellet fuel becomes a nightmare to get hold of. This usually happens when we get inclement weather – you know, exactly when you don’t want to deal with fuel sourcing problems. Now, I’ve seen these periods of fuel scarcity last for a while. When I lived in upstate NY, they could last for a couple of weeks, and that’s a long time to be without fuel in the middle of winter!

My inlaws, being the cradle-to-grave New Englanders that they are, avoid this by ordering their fuel in bulk and setting up deliveries. But that is simply not an option for everyone. Depending on your financial resources, it may simply be impossible.

This is where wood stoves really come into their own, because even if you run out of cord wood, there are plenty of other things you can burn in there instead! Even better, you don’t lose your heat if you have a power outage!

So, there you go, that’s why I prefer wood stoves. In next month’s blog, I’ll be presenting my pellet-stove-loving inlaws’ rebuttal.

wood stoves - wood
The trusty wood stove: workhorse and winner.

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