Top Three Reasons to Install an Awning

The Humble Awning – An Unsung Hero of Outdoor Living

“Outside an Indian Dye House” by Edwin Lord Weeks

The humble awning has a surprisingly long history. From the woven mat awnings that shaded the marketplaces of
Ancient Egypt and Syria, to the ubiquitous awnings of 19th century storefronts, awnings have always been popular.

There are multiple reasons for this popularity. However, I am going to give you my top three reasons for why everyone should consider installing an awning at their home or business.


The first reason is a bit of a no-brainer – shelter. Awnings can provide shelter from both the harmful, cancer-causing UV rays of the sun, and the odd downpour. They make sitting outside to dine or simply relax far more comfortable. After all, no one likes feeling like their skin is burning or having the glaring sun in their eyes while trying to drink a coffee. Having an awning means you get to avoid those irritations of outdoor living. Even better, you get to avoid those irritations while being a whopping 20 degrees cooler than outside the awning. Bonus!

Increase Space and Save Money

Awnings - 19th century storefronts
Photo of Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado, © 1870, Denver Public Library, Western History Collection, x-22058.

The second benefit of having an awning is that it effectively increases the space you have to work with at your home or business. Whether it’s extra space to eat with the family, or showcase your wares (which helps to drive sales), an awning is a great addition to any home or business.

There’s also an economical aspect to awnings in that they help to save you money in two key ways. Firstly, they prevent as much heat from getting into the house, which has a knock-on cooling effect and help to lower your cooling bill. Secondly, they prevent sun damage like bleaching or cracking to outdoor furniture which also helps to save you money in the long run.

A Traditionally Attractive Addition to Home or Business

Lastly, and this is my favorite reason, awnings are attractive in an ‘old school’ kind of way. No really, our ancestors

Awning - Commercial
Image: Otis Awning Fabrics Company brochure, © 1920s.

knew the value of a good awning. They were one of the main defenses against the heat of summer in a time before air conditioning. Not only that, but they were attractive, and advertised as an aesthetically pleasing addition to both homes and businesses.

Nowadays, we’ve upped our awning game quite significantly, producing shapes and styles unknown to our forebears. However, no matter what your awning needs are, we at Battlefield Hearth have the right awning for you. So why not give us a call today at 717-334-1232 or drop by our showroom, and experience the benefits of awnings for yourself!

8 thoughts on “Top Three Reasons to Install an Awning

  1. I like that you point out that one of the benefits of having an awning is that it provides shelter from the outside elements. I can see why this would be nice for people who want to enjoy being outside without having to worry about getting too much sun exposure. My wife and I have been talking about ways we can get our children to spend more time outside. I’ll have to look into installing an awning to sit under.

  2. My husband and I both agree that our back porch needs some more shade and character, but we aren’t sure how to go about changing it up. I hadn’t thought about an awning as being a way to increase the space in our backyard, but it is so true that it adds usable space for eating and hanging out when it’s up. It seems like preventing this sun damage will also be a good way to increase the lifespan of our yard. I’ll be sure to share this with my husband!

  3. It’s interesting that commercial awnings can provide a business with more space to showcase their products. I’d imagine that businesses are always trying to increase how many customers they have. Maybe if they displayed their products outside under an awning, people would be more interested in coming inside and buying something.

  4. My husband and I have been thinking about getting an awning for our backyard. It is true that getting an awning will help increase the space we can work with on our home. It would be nice to have more space to do things with outside! That is great that getting an awning will help keep our house cooler as well! A good bonus. Thank you for the information!

  5. I like that you mentioned avoiding higher cooling bills when you install awnings in the right place. My wife and I have been wondering what to do about the glare in our front room during the day. I think an awnings would work great and look beautiful.

  6. My husband and I are thinking of adding an awning to our backyard so that we can be in the shade while enjoying the outdoors this summer. You make a great point that the awning will actually help you to save money because it will protect our outdoor furniture from getting sun damage like bleaching. Also, I personally think that it will add a unique touch to the style of our home.

  7. I agree with your statement that said awning scan provide shelter from the cancer-causing UV rays of the sun. A lot of people in my family have gotten skin cancer because we’re so sensitive to UV rays. Maybe getting an awning would be the best bet for me and my kids so we can still enjoy the outdoors but stay safe from UV rays!

  8. I never really thought that an awning would help increase space but it does make sense. Seeing as they provide a large area of shade, you can easily utilize that shaded area for a variety of purposes. My home currently doesn’t have any kind of awning but I do think it would be a good idea to add some.

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