Staying Cool with Low Cost Cooling

I hate this kind of weather. A friend of mine believes it’s because I was born in the fall. Apparently, people tend to favor the time of year they were born in. I honestlyjust think she’s nuts, because what is there to like about the summer?It’s hot and it’s humid. There’s also this giant yellow ball of fire in the sky that is intent on burning my pasty skin. Everything smells like sunscreen and sweat, and the whole world feels like it’s fit to melt.Then there are the AC costs. Becau...

Awnings to the Rescue!

Memorial Day Washout Another Memorial Day weekend, and another family BBQ! Or is it? The weather this year is hardly inspiring anyone to get out their grills – at least not without a wet-suit. If anything, it looks like this Memorial Day is going to be a washout.Which is kind of annoying! Because normally, this is the weekend that kind of marks the beginning of summer. It’s when we can usually expect the weather to be reasonable for outdoor activities. Yet here we are with darkened skies, b...

Battlefield Chicken – A Grilled Chicken Classic for Spring!

grilled coals
The Grilled Outdoors It would seem that the warmer weather is finally here, and with it, grilling season. We always look forward to this time of year in our house. There’s just something so lovely about spending all that time outside. Nothing else gives you the same sense that all is right with the world than hanging outside with friends. And what is hanging out on the deck with friends without grilling up some food and having a few drinks?It’s a world I don’t want to live in, that’s what! ...

Labor Day Green Egg (Grills) and Ham

Grilling - Green Egg
It’s that time of year again! Labor Day is fast approaching, and with it, an opportunity to grill in less scorching temps. So what better time to invite friends and family over to crack open a few beers and feast on some amazing food on a Green Egg Grill?But I have to admit to being something of heretic here in the modern American grilling scene: I do not like food cooked on propane grills. I mean sure, it tastes okay, I guess. But it’s certainly nothing special, and I like specialThis ...