Wood Stoves vs Pellet Stoves I

Wood Stoves Vs Pellet Stoves As the author of this blog, I often get asked my opinion about which kind of stove I prefer: wood stoves, or pellet stoves. When asked, my usual response is that the preferred stove is whichever works for your lifestyle and family - there is no correct answer here. It can be hard to weigh the pros and cons of each type of stove, and each type of stove has its die-hard fans. For example, my inlaws in NH absolutely adore their pellet stoves. I’m not even joking here, ...

Chimney Maintenance – A Necessary Task

When you think of winterizing your home, you probably have a checklist of products to be bought and chores to be carried out. But how many of you remember things like window insulation kits and weather stripping but forget to check your chimneys?Chimneys are so mundane and ubiquitous, they’re literally up and out of the way, and so it is easy to forget they’re even there. But there are several very good reasons why you should not neglect this task, and why this is the perfect time to do it. ...

Labor Day Green Egg (Grills) and Ham

Grilling - Green Egg
It’s that time of year again! Labor Day is fast approaching, and with it, an opportunity to grill in less scorching temps. So what better time to invite friends and family over to crack open a few beers and feast on some amazing food on a Green Egg Grill?But I have to admit to being something of heretic here in the modern American grilling scene: I do not like food cooked on propane grills. I mean sure, it tastes okay, I guess. But it’s certainly nothing special, and I like specialThis ...