Wood Stoves vs Pellet Stoves I

Wood Stoves Vs Pellet Stoves As the author of this blog, I often get asked my opinion about which kind of stove I prefer: wood stoves, or pellet stoves. When asked, my usual response is that the preferred stove is whichever works for your lifestyle and family - there is no correct answer here. It can be hard to weigh the pros and cons of each type of stove, and each type of stove has its die-hard fans. For example, my inlaws in NH absolutely adore their pellet stoves. I’m not even joking here, ...

Top Three Reasons to Install an Awning

Awnings - 19th century storefronts
The Humble Awning - An Unsung Hero of Outdoor LivingThe humble awning has a surprisingly long history. From the woven mat awnings that shaded the marketplaces of Ancient Egypt and Syria, to the ubiquitous awnings of 19th century storefronts, awnings have always been popular.There are multiple reasons for this popularity. However, I am going to give you my top three reasons for why everyone should consider installing an awning at their home or business. Shelter The first reason is a ...