Wood Stoves vs Pellet Stoves II

Team Pellet Stove Edition In last month’s blog about wood stoves versus pellet stoves, I took a look at all the ways in which I think wood stoves rock. My opinion hasn’t changed on that. I’m still a fan of my wood stove – especially with that colder weather moving in. There’s just something about the warmth and ambiance from a wood stove that I don't get from pellet stoves. I would even go so far as to say that for me, the holidays don’t feel like the holidays without it.But while I could g...

Labor Day Green Egg (Grills) and Ham

Grilling - Green Egg
It’s that time of year again! Labor Day is fast approaching, and with it, an opportunity to grill in less scorching temps. So what better time to invite friends and family over to crack open a few beers and feast on some amazing food on a Green Egg Grill?But I have to admit to being something of heretic here in the modern American grilling scene: I do not like food cooked on propane grills. I mean sure, it tastes okay, I guess. But it’s certainly nothing special, and I like specialThis ...

Top Three Reasons to Install an Awning

Awnings - 19th century storefronts
The Humble Awning - An Unsung Hero of Outdoor LivingThe humble awning has a surprisingly long history. From the woven mat awnings that shaded the marketplaces of Ancient Egypt and Syria, to the ubiquitous awnings of 19th century storefronts, awnings have always been popular.There are multiple reasons for this popularity. However, I am going to give you my top three reasons for why everyone should consider installing an awning at their home or business. Shelter The first reason is a ...