Staying Cool with Low Cost Cooling

I hate this kind of weather. A friend of mine believes it’s because I was born in the fall. Apparently, people tend to favor the time of year they were born in. I honestlycool - sun

just think she’s nuts, because what is there to like about the summer?

It’s hot and it’s humid. There’s also this giant yellow ball of fire in the sky that is intent on burning my pasty skin. Everything smells like sunscreen and sweat, and the whole world feels like it’s fit to melt.

Then there are the AC costs. Because as we all know, keeping cool can get seriously expensive. And why is it that the AC gets too cold?! What is that all about?

Nope, summer is most definitely not my time of year. (And that’s even without getting into the infestation of disease-ridden bugs!!)

A Low Cost Cooling Solution

But for as much as I hate the dog days of summer, there are some good options for staying cool. Even better, these options are low tech and money saving. This

cool - "awning"

makes them great options for both your bank account and the environment.

The most effective low tech cooling solution for your home is truly old school. No really, people have been McGyvering these things up using cloth and sticks since

goodness knows when. I’m talking about the lowly awning here. We’ve come a long way since those days, and gotten progressively slicker as time has gone on. But ever since people figured out shade was awesome for protecting skin and sanity from the sun, we’ve had awnings.

The best thing about awnings though, is that they don’t just help you stay cool when you’re outside. They also help your home to stay cool too. This is why they were such a common addition to many older homes in the past. Awnings reduce solar heat gain by quite a significant amount, leaving your home cooler, and you happier. However, that is not all, because by installing an awning you increase your options for cooking outside. (I find cooking outside so much more appealing when I don’t have to burn in the sun!) This in turn cuts down on one of the biggest forms of heat gain in a home – that from appliances.

Altogether, this leads to a significantly cooler and more comfortable home. Did I also mention the savings on AC costs?

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