Screen Installation For Year-Round Comfort

Keeping Unwelcome Guests Out With Window Screens

After a long Pennsylvania winter, there’s nothing better than the longer days and warmth that signals the arrival of spring. However as we all know, spring doesn’t just bring good weather and outdoor living. Because unfortunately, as the temperatures climb, so too does the insect population. It’s an irritating trade-off that comes with the warm half of the year. Even worse, bug season seems to be getting longer with every passing year. So it’s important to have quality screens installed on your windows and patio doors. Because when you come inside from a long day of fun in the sun, you want to be sure that the bloodsuckers stay outside.
Additionally, the range of the mosquitoes that carry Zika virus is spreading. In April of 2016, the CDC posted new maps showing that parts of Pennsylvania are now in range. This makes it even more important to take protective measures against mosquito bites.

None of us want to become unwitting meals for mosquitoes while we sleep. At the least, a mosquito bite comes with a maddening itch, but at the worst it could come with a disease. So from this perspective, well-fitted window screens are an important measure for safeguarding the health of your family.

Comfort In All Seasons

We at Battlefield Hearth understand the necessity of being comfortable throughout the year. This is why we don’t just specialize in products and services for the colder seasons – our focus is year-round. Whether you’re looking for adjustable window screens or something a little more basic, we can help. We also offer window screen repair services as well as new installations. With over a decade of experience in installing and repairing window screens, we are a perfect choice for protecting your home. So why not drop by our showroom or give us a call at 717-334-1232 for an estimate?