Fireplace Installation

At The Heart Of Your Home

The fireplace has been the center of the home since time immemorial. They’re iconic, and there’s something about them that speaks to us in a very deep way. For example, how many of us when we imagine winter coziness, also imagine a beautiful fireplace with a blazing fire? There’s a feeling of safety and comfort there with such an image. So much so, that people will even play videos of open fires to try and evoke those feelings.

But as beautiful and iconic as fireplaces are, there are some very real practical considerations to take into account. Fireplaces were initially invented as a way to not only safely contain the hearth fire, but also draw smoke away from living areas via the chimney. As you may already know, poor ventilation of fires is still a common cause of premature death in many places. So the fireplace is not only attractive, but functional, and necessary for safety too.

Options To Suit Your Lifestyle

Fireplaces may be constructed in a variety of different materials and styles, and not just for open fires. Many homeowners prefer to install stoves or fireplace inserts in their fireplaces. Generally speaking, you need quite a large fireplace to install a stove, however for smaller spaces, inserts are a good option. Similar to stoves in function, inserts are specially modified to fit within a fireplace for optimal fuel burning and ventilation. Because of this, they are a good way to convert traditional wood-burning fireplaces into safer and more efficient heating sources. Moreover, the addition of a properly installed insert also makes the maintenance of your fireplace much easier, because they burn cleaner. This means that you will have less creosote buildup, and therefore less chimney problems.

However, fireplace inserts and fireplaces are not just for fans of wood heat. You can find inserts for gas and pellet too, and some of the finest fireplaces we have ever built have been for gas. We stock a wide range of gas fireplace inserts, so really, there’s no need to miss out just because you decide to go with gas!

The Perfect Fireplace From Battlefield Hearth

If you are considering adding a fireplace to your home, then why not try the Battlefield Hearth way? With almost two decades of experience, we have the knowledge, skill, and experience to make your fireplace dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for stone or brick, traditional or modern, we can help. You don’t even need to have any solid design ideas in mind, our skilled consultants can guide you through the design process from start to finish! So why not let Battlefield Hearth & Solar warm up -your world? Drop by our Gettysburg showroom or call us at 717-334-1232 today to get started on your perfect fireplace!