Labor Day Green Egg (Grills) and Ham

It’s that time of year again! Labor Day is fast approaching, and with it, an opportunity to grill in less scorching temps.Green Egg - grilled So what better time to invite friends and family over to crack open a few beers and feast on some amazing food on a Green Egg Grill?

But I have to admit to being something of heretic here in the modern American grilling scene: I do not like food cooked on propane grills. I mean sure, it tastes okay, I guess. But it’s certainly nothing special, and I like special

This is why I have become a huge fan of the Green Egg grill, the taste is unbeatable.

The Evolution of the Green Egg Grill

The Green Egg Grill has been around for a while. Well, not as you see them now, but these modern grills are actually based on an ancient design. Originating in Qin dynasty China, these knee-high Kamado style cookers delivered on both convenience and taste. With one of these forerunners of the Green Egg Grill, you could cook your rice as easily as you could cook your meat and vegetables, making them the Instant Pots of their time!

During WWII, US servicemen deployed to Asia came to appreciate the genius of Kamado-style cookers, and began to ship them back to the US. However, these imports were not particularly hardy, and so manufacturers have worked to refine these cookers for the US market.

From Ancient Roots to Modern Tech

The modern Green Egg Grill is the spectacular result of those refinements, and is far stronger, more durable, and more insulating than its forerunners. If anything, the innovations in the design of the Green Egg Grill are downright space age. Did you know that these grills are made with new types of ceramics based on materials initially developed by NASA?

Ahead of the Pack

While the Green Egg Grill is not the only Kamado-style cooker on the market, it’s still miles ahead of other Kamado cookers on the market. Aside from the state-of-the-art ceramics, the Green Egg also boasts a patented draft door and vent cap. These innovations allow you to control what kind of cooking you’d like to do. Moreover, the hard-coat porcelain glaze ensures that it can remain outdoors without cracking or fading.

Thank You, Sam-I-am

Interested? Why not visit the Battlefield Hearth showroom today and come take a look at these amazing cookers? Because like me, you may just find that once you try it, you too will be saying “I do like Green Eggs (and ham)!”
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