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We offer many different types of stoves at Battlefield Hearth. We want to help you find the perfect stove for your home, and that is where things can get more complicated.

Factors such as how your house is built, the aesthetic of your home, cost, and location all play a part in the decision process. For example, maybe your home has a certain ‘look’ that you would like to maintain? Or maybe you live somewhere quite rural that becomes inaccessible during bad weather and prone to power cuts? Again, these are all things that need to be taken into account. But how do these stoves compare when set against these factors? Read on to find out more.

Your Home and Aesthetic

Think about your home for a moment. Do you already have a chimney already installed? (If you don’t, don’t worry, we can help with that too!) What kind of fuel would be the most convenient to store in your space? Moreover, what would look best in your home?

For the traditional look, I think we can all agree that the wood stove wins hands down. However, not everyone has space to store cord wood, and pellets are certainly less messy to store. Because of their contained nature, both wood stoves and pellet stoves are safe options for the family home. Unlike with open fireplaces, there is no risk of spillage, and smoke is far more efficiently drawn away from living areas. However, because of how efficient pellet stoves tend to be, they produce less ash and creosote, and so have the additional advantage of being less susceptible to chimney fires.

Location, Location, Location!

Now think about your location. How easy is it for you to get to the store in a snow storm? Are there alternative sources of fuel available to you should you run out of cord wood? Do your local pellet retailers often run out or have shortages? How often do you experience power cuts in your area due to weather?

When taking consideration of location into account, this is where the wood stove really comes into its own. Wood stoves can burn anything that is non-toxic, whereas pellet stoves can only burn pellets. Because of this, maintaining a fuel supply can become problematic for pellet stove users depending on their location. Additionally, if you live in an area in which power cuts are not uncommon, the pellet stove can be doubly problematic as they require electricity in order to function.

Show Me the Money!

However, for all of its potential issues with fuel supply and power cuts, the pellet stove remains an economical choice. Due to design, there is very little fuel waste with a pellet stove. In fact, most pellet stoves are between 75% and 90% efficient in terms of combustion efficiency. Moreover, as fuel pellets are made from recycled materials, not only are pellet stoves an economical choice, but they’re also a green choice. It is for this reason that there is no sales tax on fuel pellets in Pennsylvania.

That is not to say that wood stoves are uneconomical though, they can be very economical if you happen to live close to a source of wood that you can legally cut. They are also built to last, which means that you probably won’t ever need to replace any wood stove that you buy.

Contacting Battlefield Hearth and Solar

Interested in installing a wood or pellet stove in your home? Why not contact Battlefield Hearth, your Gettysburg stove shop today at 717-334-1232, or fill out the contact form on this page to have one of our specialists contact you? Alternatively, why not stop on by our showroom at 1745 York Road, Gettysburg? We look forward to helping you find your perfect stove!