Battlefield Hearth Wins Best of Gettysburg Award!!!

We have a lot to be proud of at Battlefield Hearth & Solar, but it’s always nice to have that acknowledged by third parties. So imagine how happy we were to receiveBest of Gettysburg award word that we’d been selected as winners of the 2017 Best Fireplace and Stove Shop of Gettysburg Award!

Unlike other business awards, the Best of Gettysburg Award Program doesn’t rely on nominations, voting, surveys, or contests. Instead, the program uses empirical data supplied by independent third parties to make this selection. So it’s less of a popularity contest, and more of a true reflection of where a business is at.

Small Business and Communities

It kind of goes without saying that we couldn’t be prouder to win this award. It’s always nice to receive outside recognition of not only your company’s success, but values and ethos too. As a company firmly rooted in the Gettysburg area, we are excited to be chosen for an award that focuses on small businesses and their impact on communities. Because it means that we’ve been doing something right, and that something right is serving you.

Shifting Seasons, Different Needs

It would be remiss of me though to mention this award and not talk about the work that made it possible. As our name suggests, we at Battlefield Hearth & Solar are about keeping you comfortable in your own homes. We offer everything from stove and hearth installation, to chimney construction and repair to help keep you warm in winter. And in the summer, we install insect screens and awnings to help keep you cool in a cost effective way. Our customer service is second to none. It doesn’t matter if you know what you want, or looking for help in finding the right solutions for your home, we have the expertise to help. It doesn’t end once the installation is complete either, because for us, the installation is just the beginning of the customer relationship.

So why not check out our blog and services? Let us show you why we won that 2017 Best Fireplace and Stove Shop of Gettysburg Award!

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