Awnings to the Rescue!

Memorial Day Washout

Another Memorial Day weekend, and another family BBQ! Or is it? The weather this year is hardly inspiring anyone to get out their grills – at least not without a awnings - rainingwet-suit. If anything, it looks like this Memorial Day is going to be a washout.

Which is kind of annoying! Because normally, this is the weekend that kind of marks the beginning of summer. It’s when we can usually expect the weather to be reasonable for outdoor activities. Yet here we are with darkened skies, booming thunder, and torrential rain.

Awnings Save the Day!

Which is why I’m delighted that we recently had a new awning installed! It’s one of those SunAir ones and I absolutely love it! It’s retractable, looks great, and covers our entire back deck when extended. So okay, most of us are still going to be gathered in the house for this BBQ. But at least we can still grill our food and stay relatively dry! So, no more drawing straws to see who gets to grill with an umbrella (which is what used to happen)!

awnings - retractable awningI cannot describe how insanely happy that makes me. And this awning isn’t just great for grilling in defiance of the weather either! I’ve recently discovered that there really is nothing better than sitting on my deck under my awning. And it doesn’t matter what I’m doing there either. I could be reading, watching Netflix, or even just people watching – it’s all great. Especially because I get to do all of those things without also getting sunburned!

Even better, my house feels noticeably cooler since getting the awning installed. Well, at least my living room does, but it’s making me consider getting window awnings installed too. According to the Department of Energy website, awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer. Well-fitted awnings lead to a whopping reduction of 65% on south-facing windows, and 77% on west-facing windows. That’s pretty significant (not to mention money-saving)!

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